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Pneuma World

Design and programming of hard/firm/software for networked control, sensing, and sequencing of pneumatic sculptures by Chico MacMurtrie at the Muffathalle in Munich.  Each piece has its own Raspberry Pi which handles network communication and runs local control algorithms via an Arduino MEGA with specially designed PCB shields operating the valves and reading the sensors.  Puredata is used to translate UDP network data to/from standard MIDI for master sequencing in Ableton Live through each piece’s custom Max For Live device.

Sufi Plugins

A suite of free audio software that I designed and developed with DJ/Rupture and Rosten Woo dedicated to exploring non-western & poetic notions of sound in interaction with alternative interfaces. This video shows them in action. For more info and free download, is.gd/sufiplugins  We are working on porting these devices to the VST plugin format and will be setting to work on a piece of Sufi Hardware in the near future.